Payment Confirmations

Implementation date: January 2019

Company profile: One of the construction industry leaders

Industry characteristic and challenges: Activities performed in the Treasury area are organised and well-established in the daily routine. This is the area where robots may prove their efficiency and provide considerable savings. Activities relating to servicing online banking are a very popular area, where Robotics may be applied. Downloading payment confirmations, instructing to issue guarantees, verifying counterparties and instructing transfers are just some of the examples of what our robots can do. In this case, we will focus on the process of downloading payment confirmations from the ING Business Online interface.

Selected solution: RoboPlatform servicing MS Excel and Google Chrome with the online banking interface.

The robot begins its work in the Excel spreadsheet with a list of transfers, for which the payment confirmations should be downloaded. Next step is logging in the online banking. Due to security requirements, this activity is performed by a human. When the login and the password have been entered, the robot will automatically go to the tab in the online banking where payment confirmations for all transfers are available. Next, it filters the transfers so that only those included in the user’s list are downloaded. In the next step, the robot downloads the confirmations to a folder with a batch file and names them accordingly – this will enable their easy identification in the further process stages.


  1. Acceleration of the process of downloading payment confirmations
  2. Relieving employees of monotonous activities
  3. Broadening the employees’ competences relating to the Robotics technology
  4. Generating new ideas for automation
  5. Elimination of a human error

Client’s comments:

  • The robot works without fault, we use it a few times a day
  • The tasks were not difficult but tedious, our sight and mind may now relax
  • We have time to deal with some more difficult and engaging tasks
  • We have ideas for new robots in the HR area