Competitor price analysis

Implementation date: August 2019

Company profile: Lease industry company.

Industry characteristics and challenges: There are a lot of processes in the lease industry, which may be automated with the use of the Robotics technology. They include activities relating to customer service and management of assets. An example here may be positioning of offers in services which compare offers of various service providers – a car rental company will certainly be included in such services, that is why it is worth following the competitors’ prices. Another area that can be robotised is the management of assets – for our client, it was an analysis of car prices in popular auction services to be able to sell the cars for a favourable price when changing the car fleet. Please, treat this example as an inspiration – the robot may be converted to work with other assets and can be perfectly adapted to your needs.

Selected solution: RoboPlatform servicing MS and Google Chrome and interfaces of the most popular auction portals.

The process automation begins with an MS Excel format file. It includes detailed data concerning the car model, such as the brand, model, engine capacity, power, equipment, etc. Then the robot may begin its work. It browses through the websites of the most popular auction services in Poland and checks the offers. Based on the offers, a report is generated, which contains information on the number of offers as well as the average and the median price. Additionally, there is a a dedicated tab, which contains the titles and links to the offers to facilitate access to them.


  1. Better understanding of the market
  2. Better price estimation of the cars for sale
  3. Relieving the employee of monotonous tasks
  4. Generation of new ideas for automation
  5. Certainty that the process is performed with top accuracy (all offers are considered)

Client’s comments:

  • RoboPlatform enabled automation of a bigger number of processes