Bad debt relief

Implementation date: August 2019

Company profile: One of the construction industry leaders.

Industry characteristic and challenges: Activities performed in the Treasury area are organised and well-established in the daily routine. This is the area where robots may prove their efficiency and provide considerable savings. For our client, the challenge was to automate the process of generating CashFlow reports. All activities, such as logging in online banking, downloading documents or balance calculation, were only performed manually. Due to the need to obtain data from a few different systems, automation on the level of main applications was not possible.

Selected solution: RoboPlatform servicing MS Excel, 4 online banking interfaces and the program interface of the National Bank of Poland.

It was possible to determine repetitive activities in the process, which were fully automated by our robot. At the beginning of the process, the robot downloads four payment reports. Next, all payments from the previous day are collated with the investments planned for the current day. A big challenge in the process is the fact that each investment has its own bank accounts, which complicates the process logic. As a result of the robot’s work, a report is generated, where balances are presented for each investment – it enables an assessment whether or not CashPool mechanisms should be used, so that every investment could make the planned payments. The client has accounts in Polish zloty and in foreign currencies. This, however, is not a problem for our robot. It can easily connect with the API of the National Bank of Poland and calculate exchange rates for a particular day.

An important activity in the process is creating the lists daily and ongoing back verification of the reports, in order to make sure there are no discrepancies between the opening and closing balances.

The robot is ready to adapt itself on an ongoing basis when an investment is opened or closed by the company.


  1. Acceleration of the CashFlow process
  2. Relieving employees of monotonous activities
  3. Avoiding a human error
  4. No delays in generating reports (reports must be presented to the Management Board by a particular hour)

Client’s comments:

  • RoboPlatform enabled a relatively fast production deployment of the process automation.
  • The robot was the first efficient solution
  • The implemented automation helped us save approximately two hours of work every