What is Robotic Process Automation?

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology used for automating repetitiverule-based computer tasks (like moving data between applications) by simply mimicking the way humans work with applications - using mouse and keyboard

Why robots are needed?

There are numerous monotonous, repetitive business processes currently handled manually that could be handled by robots. It will boost your business and enable your employees to focus on more complex and creative work.

What is RoboPlatform?

RoboPlatform is a software developed by ING that is used to build and manage robots. It's an enviroment that supports the designing of robotics solutions and provides flexible management for their users.


Benefits from using robots



Faster processes to automation

Lower costs due to manual work reduction

No need to modify core systems

High reliability due to robots avoiding errors

Flexibility and convenience both in implementation and management


Robotics at ING


As we have broad and long experience with using Robotics, it prompted us to dosomething more.
We want to use that experience in helping our clients to enter the world of robotics with use of Roboplatform - a new RPA class software fully developed by ING.

It is a unique synthesis of our 10-year experience and performed market research.


RoboPlatform supports both attended and unattended modes. In first approach, robots are virtual real-time assistants that support people significantly improving their capabilities by performing repetitive tasks faster and more reliably. However, unattended mode can make processes doable without human intervention - robots work on a schedule or trigger basis for 24/7. Both modes are widely used by various organizations, depending on process specifics.

RoboPlatform is easy to use both for beginners and experienced users. Robots can be created from predefined components. To respond to specific needs, they could be developed in a more complex way. The tool contains three components - Portal that is used for management purposes, Studio - for development & operating of robots, and RPA Agent - to run robots in unattended mode.

RoboPlatform meets the highest bank's requirements concerning security.

RoboPlatform allow users to create predefined components that could be a substantial part of the application itself - meaning that Robotics developers community develops RoboPlatform en passant. It makes the tool self-adjusting to the organization.

  • Alternative for outsourcing
  • Fast implementation
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Advanced Management Portal
  • Flexibility for beginners and experts
  • Meets highest banking industry security standards



What is our purpose?


Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.

ING's strategy is built around empowerment and promise to make banking clear and easy, available anytime and anywhere and still getting better. But banking is changing and so are we.
Therefore, we are thinking beyond traditional banking and we are developing new services for our clients. Discover Robotics by ING - be one step ahead!



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